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Invention and The Patent Process

Invention submission companies have a bad reputation that most, if not all, richly deserve!

Several years ago in North Carolina, in his spare time a state employee came up an idea he wanted to patent and develop. The idea had merit, but was premature because the infrastructure needed to reach maturity, both in reality and politically, before his invention could work in the real world.

Against advice, to be cautious of such companies, he dealt with one company that promised "everything" he wanted to hear. The North Carolina Attorney General required full disclosure by such companies which indicated that out of 40,000 clients, the number who had made more money than they had paid the company was Zero (0).

In spite of this evidence and because of their false promises, he opted to give them his money and go forward with them.

As was their practice, they strung out the client until his money ran out.


One Invention
System Block diagram To See Patent No. 3,510,597
Pictures of LAB A Word about the "Rewards" of Innovation-------Fathers of TV
Pictures of Embodiments U.S. Patent Office Server
Audio:  Before & After Inventors' LINKS  Good Collection
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  • A System for Bandwidth Reduction in "L" Carrier Toll Telephone Service
    ....  ....
    Block Diagram Basic Compression End fcp = 4
    Lair of the Lier
     Basement Lab: Where the Deed was Done.
    Test Beds
    Speech Compression (Transmitter) End
    Speech Expansion (Receiver) End

    Speech Input
    (Before Compression)
    Compressed Speech
    (Compression factor = 2) 
    Recovered Speech
    (Expansion factor = 2) 
    .  ....

    Compression Factor = 16 

     Paul Harvey:
    "...but he was a fighter."
     Before Compression .wav
    (300 Hz - 2400 Hz)

     Compressed Speech .wav
    factor = 16

      20 Hz - 150 Hz
      (pitched up ~ 400 Hz 
      to aid in Hearing:
      420 - 550 Hz)

     Recovered Speech .wav
    (300 Hz - 2400 Hz)

    Patent No. 3,510,597 --> To See More


          A Word about the Rewards of Innovation
      Progress is not FREE! 
    The story of Philo Farnsworth (he invented Television) is Inspirational, exciting and--my personal favorite--Damn Depressing. 

    I would like to see a chart or graphic or some sort of representation of the relative contributions (technical, financial, "political," etc.) of Armstrong, Goldmark, Farnsworth, De Forest, Edison, et al., even David Sarnoff--to the "Invention" of Television. 

    There is a disjoint between what people (read that, all of us) expect to be "Fair & Equitable" and what is required for humankind to get out of, and stay out of, "Caves." 

    The Thinkers Think!  --The Doers Do!

    If all of the Thinkers had sat on their thoughts--we would still be living in caves. 

    If all of the Doers had Not Done, we would still be living in caves--regardless of what the Thinkers had thought! 

    I don't like it, but it seems immutable--a physics thing--a Law of Nature: For mankind to survive, there seems a requirement that the Greedy feed off of the Artisans. And, the rest of us keep quiet because we are the beneficiaries of this process. 

    The people--by their deeds--who have brought about the most momentous changes to mankind--good & bad--were the Doers, and--in the main--were not nice people. 

    Looking at Sarnoff's history, he seems the archetype of that dichotomy. 

    Once, in a blue moon, is born a soul that is both a Thinker and a Doer--Edison, Eastman, Land, Westinghouse, etc.; or a duo--Wozniak & Jobs, etc. 

    As evidence of this Fact of Life, less than 1% of inventors benefit directly from their inventions--most die bitter and impoverished people. 

    If one is innovative and desires Peace-of-Mind, one should suppress the urge to invent!  "--lie down til the Feeling Goes Away." The preceding "LOAD" are my reluctant conclusions, not my beliefs! 

    Some of the Fathers of Television  (in no order)

    Either inventing the contributing technology, or the active promotion of Television.

    Abbe Giovanni Caselli
    May and Smith, Two English engineers.
    George Carey
    Paul Nipkow
    Karl Ferdinand Braun
    Thomas Edison
    Lee Deforest
    Boris Rosing
    A.A. Campbell-Swinton
    Ulises Sanabria
    Charles Francis Jenkins
    Dénes von Mihály
    Kenjiro Takayanagi
    Vladimir Zworykin
    John Logie Baird
    Philo Farnsworth 
    E. Howard Armstrong
    Allen Balcom Du Mont 
    Manfred Von Ardenne
    Earl Muntz
    David Sarnoff
    Peter Goldmark
    et al.

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