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Boom Box Buster
A.K.A., Ghetto Blaster Buster
FAQ/ Progress

The Enemy
The users/owners of these Boom Boxes have redefined ANNOYANCE, and deserve no more consideration than they give!

You can run, but you can't Hide from the Boom Box Buster

The Muther of all Boom Boxes!
Source of Rolling Blackouts Found
The Enemy-A.K.A.,
Boom Box, Ghetto Blaster, Sonic Stiletto, Aural Ass Wiper, Ear Rape, Ear Drums Assulter, Ear Drum Drummer, Weapon of Mass Distraction, Aural Butt Puckerer, Toy of the DEAF, Toy of the DAFT, Suite Case Bomb, Roach Killer, 

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The Boom Box or Ghetto Blaster as it is generally known, has become the scourge of the planet. Especially when you jack-up the power to more than 500 Watts, and put it in a car!

The POWER of those--Low Frequency--Thump, Thump, Thumps' is nothing short of Amazing!!!  Those waves go right through concrete; rattling windows, dishes, and the cat, as they pass. 

When this POWER is allowed to fall into the hands of Terrorists or Teenagers, life on this third planet from the sun, is forever changed!

It's a little like Loud Mufflers, sounds great to the owner; like Hell to the rest of us!

I always use to champion the idea, in the case of loud mufflers, that it be mandated that the tail pipes FIRST go through the driver's compartment, and then out--if necessary.  With the auto borne Boom Boxes, it does, and it doesn't seem to help. Not only do the little maggots seem unfazed, they actually like it. Sorry to say, putting it inside, closing the doors, and rolling up the windows doesn't help--it goes right through the car like 'crap through a goose!' 

The truth is, loud mufflers are welcome, compared to the mobile (and not so mobile) Boom Boxes! 

And just what Tunes(?) do these little shits play? Duh, tapes that do nothing more than Thump, Thump, Thump, hour upon endless hour--catchy.   --A Toe Tapping good time!

See Warning

Mr. Microwave meets the Evil Mr. Boom Box
Cooking its Goose
Prototype Boom Box Buster
1100 Watt Magnetron & 30" Parabolic Dish
Note Offset Feed & Cooling Fan
Another View
Feed Horn side view

The Heart of the Beast
Feed Horn rear view
Magnetron Tube
Offset Feed

  Dish diameter: 30 " parabola
  Dish FL: ~11"
  F/D = ~ .36
  -3 dB Beamwidth @ 2455 MHz = 15 °
  Power Gain =  20 dB
  Magnetron power output = >>1100 Watts
  Loss from offset feed = ~1.1dB
  Gain from no central obstruction = 1 dB
  Modulation: CW (soon to be Pulsed)
  Aiming this thing is a bitch!
  Magnetron & Power Xformer require Forced Air Cooling

  Pulse Width: 
  Pulse Rate: 
  Duty Cycle: 
  Peak Power: 


Some Random thoughts and info 
stimulated by email inquiries, etc.
The users/owners of these Boom Boxes have redefined ANNOYANCE, and deserve no more consideration than they give!

At this point in time, I'm only interested in disrupting the "music?" sufficient to make them turn it off; or forcing silence. 

If however, they persist, I will hope for a more permanent "result/fix."

Before I can use the Buster in "anger," I will need to optimize it--focus for maximum energy in a narrow beam; and learn how to aim it correctly.  This should take a few (free & dry) days.

Also, it needs to be pulsed for higher peak output; much less average power. 

This project is no joke--not yet; however, if it doesn't work...

As for plans, until it works, I will hold off on that.

=========  July 29, 2001 ==========


I've Silenced several BBs.

__I think one was Fried!.


There are two features that are important to know:

1)_ The voltages involved are LETHAL!!  (>3500 volts)

2)_ The Microwave radiation from an OPEN magnetron can be DANGEROUS (>1100 Watts) especially when focused!

Effects, short term and long term: cataracts, sterility, and cancer, to name a few!!

-Bloody Ear Sound Systems

-Hearing Loss: 5 Million U.S. Children--CDC  OUCH!

      From: Judgejudy112746@aol.com

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 [*]Strategic DumbAss Initiative

DumbAss: Defined as the Boom Box owner and the Boom Box Buster owner; the former is criminally Inconsiderate, and the latter is borderline Nuts.

In Vietnam: calling for close air support, was referred to as calling for "Snake N' Nape."



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