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Sound Systems

Say What?


Turn it up, I can still Hear!


The Muther of all BOOM BOXES
Cause of Rolling Black Outs 
Boom Box, A.K.A.,
Ghetto Blaster, Sonic Stiletto, Aural Ass Wiper, Ear Raper, Weapon of Mass Distraction, Aural Butt Puckerer, Toy of the DEAF, Toy of the DAFT, Suite Case Bomb, Roach Killer, Beltone Booster, Eye Puckerer, Ear Drum Drummer, ...

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The Boom Box or Ghetto Blaster as it is lovingly known, has become a real Kick-Ass entity in the 21st century; especially when you jack-up the power to more than 2500 Watts, and put it in a car!

The POWER of those--Low Frequency--Thump, Thump, Thumps' is nothing short of Amazing!!!  Those waves go right through concrete; rattling windows, dishes, and the cat, as they pass thru!! 

When this POWER is allowed to fall into the hands of Terrorists or Teenagers, life on this third planet from the sun, goes to HELL in a hand basket!

A Play List of one: 
A tape that does nothing more than Thump, Thump; Thump, Thump, hour upon endless hour-- catchy.   --A Toe Tapping good time was had by all!

 AP__ Elephant herds in Tanzania stampede. Eminem CD played too loud in New Jersy.


 Source  Sound Pressure  Level  (dB)
 Large Rocket (nearby) DEATH  180 to 194
 Jet Aircraft, Artillery Fire  150
 Shotgun Blast  145
 Propeller Aircraft  140
 Pneumatic Riveter, Jackhammer, 
 Boom   Box
 Pain Threshold
 Rock Concert, Thunder,  Automobile Horn  120
 Construction Noise  110
 Subway Train  100
 Heavy Truck, Niagra Falls   90
 Noisy Office, Noisy Restaurant   80
 Busy Traffic, Normal Radio   70
 Normal Conversation,  Dishwasher   60
  Fart   55
 Quiet Office   50
 Library   40
 Soft Whisper   30
 Rustling Leaves   20
 Normal Breathing   10
 Dead      0
Conserve: Recycle Noise
Stay Tuned
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