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Some of the many Animations used in our Tutorials
If a Picture is worth 1024 words; how many if it moves?
It's every engineer's dream to work on projects that make a difference...
Don't miss the TV Documentary that highlights the partnership of Michigan 
Tech Senior Design Students, Wounded Veterans, and Corporate America. 
The documentary is called The Wings of Angels, it's narrated by Gary Sinise.



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lots of .gif  Animations
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To gain full advantage of the many tutorials that use .gif animations on this site, you may want to turn off this feature during your visit.

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THANKS to ALL who have visited our site; and especially to those folks who have taken the TIME toeemailttheir Kind Words, Criticisms, Comments, and Suggestions!

The philosophy behind the © Intuitive Concepts Series is to convey the concepts of a particular subject with a Minimum of clutter.

The idea is to communicate a Concept on an Intuitive level; leaving the reader "Feeling" the subject matter.

Too often a subject is confused by DETAILS interjected at the wrong time. Many details are better left to later when the reader is ready and willing to know them...  In fact, so many of these details take care of themselves as the concepts start to solidify. 

The heart of the © Intuitive Concepts Series is the use of graphics and animations to convey, on a visceral level, the ideas and concepts needed by the reader.

If a Picture is worth a thousand & twenty four words; how many words is it worth if it moves?


Suggestions are Solicited, P l e a s e !




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