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Boeing's B-52

The Air Force's B-52 is Sixty Years Old
Three Generations have Crewed this Remarkable Aircraft

From the Back Cover of Jane's Boeing B-52 by Walter Boyne
This picture was scanned from the dust cover of a book purchased at the Smithsonian: "Boeing B-52: A Documentary History;" by Walter Boyne, Jane's Publishing Company Limited, UK, 1981  ISBN 0-86720-550-4

Walter Boyne was Assistant Director of the National Air and Space Museum.  He was formerly Curator of Aeronautics and Chief of Preservation and Restoration at the Museum's Silver Hill Facility.   Retired USAF with more than 5000 hours in various aircraft, including the B-50, B-47 and B-52. http://www.air-boyne.com/

The Buff that was Burnt
A SAC Story pop up 
My first introduction to the mighty B-52 was in the spring of 1959. On a Sunday afternoon while lying in my bunk on the top floor of the squadron's WWII barracks (which lay in the approach path of Chanute's only runway), we heard this unusually loud aircraft coming in for a landing directly over our building. I looked out the window just in time to witness a sky full of fuselage, and then giant tandum landing gear--with gear doors' interior painted ferric oxide green--and then more fuselage, followed by more landing gear, and finally, after what seemed an eternity, the bomber's tail-gun turret--all passing way Too Damn Close.

As I was to find out later, it was a B-52A, Sn. 52-0001 (B-52 number one), making its final landing at Chanute AFB, Illinois. There, it was to go on permanent display and be used as a training aid by the A&E school on base.(Airframe & Engine)

My next encounter with the big B-52 was at Turner AFB, in Albany, Georgia; there I was assigned to the 4138th Strategic Wing's Training Section, as a Link Trainer instructor. Turner was a SAC base where the predominate aircraft were B-52s, and KC-135s.  For the next two years I lived under the the departures and arrivals of countless B-52s day in and day out--and believe it or not, I got use to the noise.  --Well almost.

Speaking of Noise: 
Prior to takeoff, and/or after being serviced, both B-52s' and KC-135s' engines were run-up, making a deafening roar which could be heard anywhere on or off base. If you were anywhere near the runway during takeoff, the sound was Overpowering, testifying to the aircraft's enormous power--or so I thought.

One day while visiting a friend who lived in a trailer park located right at the very end of Turner's runway, I was to feel the real enormity of that aircraft.  As I was leaving so was a 'Loaded' B-52: it was roaring down the runway directly toward us. As it got closer, the predominant sound wasn't the roar of its exhaust, but the tremendous sound of eight giant turbo fan engines Sucking  Air!  The sight and sounds of its passing only a few hundred feet over us was an experience I shall Never Ever forget! 
Note: And that was when it had small engines...



Collection of B-52 Photographs

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An IDIOT set fire to a B-52A  #52-005

---which was on display at the--now closed--Lowery AFB, Denver, Colorado


Ordered in 1952, and used for training.
Firemen Cleaning up the Aftermath.
The Idiot, who Burned it.
A.K.A., the Firebug, the Shithead, is cooling his heels in a patrol car, shortly after having his Clock Cleaned by some Locals, see below.

His name is, Page Penk
The Firebug's Dentist! 
One of the guys who apprehended the Firebug.
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