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NIKE on Kwajalein


Novel set on Kwaj-Sub Zero
Photos of Missiles
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Kwajalein, An Island Like No Other
Paperback – May 18, 2014
by Lynn A Jacobson 
25 customer reviews

Just Another Day in Paradise
A History of Kwajalein, MI
Hardcover – June 1, 2015
by Bill Remick 
6 customer reviews

LIM-49 Nike Zeus
by Maury Markowitz

150 Years ago Today
NMD Non-Muzzleloader Defense 

AP_ Connecticut   This guy Colt is claiming he has an idea for a "Repeating Gun." 

He says that instead of muzzle loading one shot at a time, he envisions a weapon that will hold several "bullets," and simply by squeezing the trigger--repeatedly, he will be able to better Defend himself.

"It will NEVER work!"

"What if it misfires?"

"The way I understand it: It will be limited to only five or six shots." 

"What if lots of the enemy attack him at once? He wont be able to shoot all of them."

"Besides it not being technically feasible, I understand it will cost $10,000 to develop, that’s more than 1% of the Army’s budget." 

Many of our top scientists are against it; they say it will only lead to more tomahawks and bows & arrows.



Bloomberg News on MDS 8/03/2011
by Elliot Blair Smith, et al., Thorough!


NIKE on Kwajalein

Novel set on Kwaj-Sub Zero
Photos of Missiles



Spartan launch from Mount Olympus

Nike Zeus B

Nike Zeus 

Rail Launch

Nike Zeus
Nike Zeus A Nike Zeus B Spartan
Length  13.28m   44ft 3" 14.73m  16.83m 
Diameter  0.91m     3ft 0.91m  1.07m 
Span 3m          9ft 9" 2.44m  3m 
Launch Weight  5,000kg  11,000lb 10,350kg  13,200kg 
Range  320km    200 miles 400km  740km 
Ceiling  ~280km  560km 
1st Stage Motor  TX-135  (450klb thrust)  TX-135  TX-500 
2nd Stage Motor  TX-  TX-238  TX-454 
3rd Stage Motor  N/A  TX-239  TX-239 
Warhead  20kT  400kT  5MT 


The Sprint's exit velocity was so fast that its skin glowed in the daytime.

Duel Sprint Launch
A heavily "airbrushed" photo of an early Sprint Launch
Zeus Acquisition RADAR
 ZAR Receiving Antenna
ZAR Power Plant
ZAR Transmitting Antenna
ZAR layout


The Zeus Acquisition Radar was so powerful 
that it used seperate transmitting and receiving antennas.
Foreground: 85 foot diameter Receiving antenna. 
Background: ZAR Transmitting antenna enclosed by 90 foot high stainless steel "Beam Forming Fence." 
And, in between is the ZAR Power plant. 

Phased Array RADAR


Borrowed, Great Photo
 View of the Technical Area & "downtown" Kwaj


Daylight Reentry

Night Reentry





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 the targets cometh

Exploration of the remains of The Battle for Kwajalein Atoll
Suspenseful Novel set on Kwaj
by John Campbell

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      Glen A. WIlliamson
      1961 - 1963

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