my Reasons for this WEB Site
I am attempting to put together a practical & useful knowledge base that the students (or anyone) will find Useful--and NOT be a waste of their time. 

Given the constraints of the medium (and my skill level), making the contents interesting "enough" is turning out to be an amorphous target--to say the least.

There is an old saying that describes my dilemma "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him do the backstroke." 

Well, I'm trying to make him "DO" the backstroke.

I firmly believe that if it can be done, it will not be my design that succeeds, as much as it will be by evolution derived of Trial & Error, and Feedback--again and again; Converging and Optimizing like a Genetic Algorithm.

At the risk of belaboring this point: Once upon-a time, an architect completed a high-rise office complex consisting of several buildings each separated by a short walking distance. But he failed to install sidewalks, he only planted rye grass. He was roundly criticized. Six weeks later the architect returned and installed sidewalks--right where the tenants had worn pathways: taking their route, not his.

The Bottom Line: I can do the Trial & Error, but I need Feedback from YOU--before I can Trial & Error again and again... Thanks, 



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A word about Web Page Uniformity--or the lack there of:

One of the pesky problems with  ~/ .html, is the fact that the same page viewed by different folks' Browsers don't necessarily look the same. 

This can be for several reasons: 
    1)_ Which Browser one is using--Netscape, I.E., etc. 

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Sometimes the Animations are either Too Fast, Too Slow, and in rare instancies, Just Right. 
This, of course, can vary with the individual, the computer, or the amimation author's lack of ...

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