What's Truly Important

A story related by a friend many 
years ago that made a real impression.
Sometimes the language fails us. 
There are certain words that have no substitute. 
As "a picture is worth a thousand words," there are a few select words that themselves are worth a thousand words, or MORE!
Yes, you guessed it, they are expletives, curse words, profanity, vulgarity...

When I bash my thumb with a hammer, there are only a select few words that are apropos, and 'Rose' is not one of them! 

"What's Truly Important" is a story of a devoted husband and loving father on his death bed, speaking with his wife of his many regrets.

This story, to my mind, is so poignant and impacting, that it can only be related in the vernacular.

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Regret  for  the  things  we  did  can  be  tempered  by  time; 
it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.
 --Sydney J. Harris 

Boyd I. Missout
            Dec 10, 1937
Loving Husband, Father 
"He Never Missed a day of Work"